Corey Lord, CPA

Chief Experience Officer

Corey has always enjoyed craft beverages and food ever since his days at University of Michigan. Whether it was enjoying one of the 100 craft beers at Ashley’s or sipping one of the local brews at Arbor Brewing, you could be sure to find him studying while sipping on a pint and nibbling on some delectable snacks. Since then, Corey has sampled brews and wines from all over Michigan as well as all the wonderful foods that Michigan chefs have to offer. Today, Corey shares these experiences with his partner Victoria Lord and daughter Evelyn Adams. He also enjoys sipping on a local brew while grilling or cooking a delicious dish for family and friends.  You can also find him sipping on a Michigan beverage while playing guitar or board games with friends.

Corey’s academic career initially consisted of studying political science and economics extensively at the University of Michigan. Realizing that law or professorship was not for him, he ultimately went on to study business and received a Bachelors of Business Administration with a focus in accounting. While studying accounting, Corey was in the honors program for accounting and finance and had to create special projects on his own, demonstrating knowledge in the advanced subjects that were part of the honors program curriculum.

From the University of Michigan, Corey went on to work as an accounting analyst at a regional bank before getting his public accounting experience at Lord & Associates, PC. Although the firm was small, it provided hundreds of tax returns to prepare and plenty of financial statement preparation experience to give him the background he needed to get his license as a Certified Public Accountant in 2010.

That following spring, he took the reigns of Lord & Associates and immediately took a leadership role by getting rid of time-sheets and getting the customer more involved in the pricing process.  Since then, Corey has managed two major re-brands of his own firm and has also lead the implementation of multiple new service lines not offered by other public accounting firms in the area, and rarely offered by firms in the US.