What Is Bookkeeping

Our idea of bookkeeping is the design and implementation of a system to post transactions to a business's general ledger. The objective of this system is to report data for management to make strategic decisions in a relevant and timely manner. We do this because we are good at implementing the system we have designed and it creates relevant data for strategic and operational decision making.

We leverage specific cloud based systems (we call it our Cloud Accounting Ecosystem or CAE) to maintain and post to your business's general ledger. At the core of this system is Xero (general ledger), Receipt Bank (vendor receipt and bill data extraction), and Bill.com (AP payment processing). We use these systems in a designed process that efficiently posts your transactions to the general ledger. Additionally, at period end we also will post any necessary transactions not able to be automatically posted by the CAE, this includes sales reports or journal entries (typically used for depreciation, interest, taxes, etc.).