Lord CPAs is Michigan's only accounting company dedicated to creating a comfortable online accounting and tax experience for Michigan's craft breweries and food crafters. We are dedicated to helping you understand your brewery or craft food business in an environment that is comfortable to you and that helps you understand your business in a way that helps you focus on what creates value for your customers. 

Professional Advice for Breweries and Food Craft Businesses

No matter what you are looking to do for your brewery or food craft business, Lord CPAs will always perform a deep dive into your business at the beginning of any work we do. This is so we can learn about your business to the fullest extent we can so we can apply our professional judgment about the services we provide. Since no two breweries or food craft businesses are alike, we want to be sure that we design systems around the way the brewery or food craft business works. 

Brewery and Food Craft Bookkeeping and Accounting

Specifically designed for small food crafters, breweries, wineries and others like them to eliminate the burden of bookkeeping and accounting, we provide a full accounting department with full processing of transactions to your general ledger. We post AR and Sales, AP and Expenses, Payroll, and various other adjustments on a weekly  or monthly basis with AP processing occurring from one to three times a week. This is done in a fully collaborative accounting environment leveraging proprietary cloud tools that we have hand selected to provide a transparent and enjoyable accounting experience. Basically, you write the checks, use the credit cards, and make the deposits, and we'll handle the rest. No worries.

Brewery and Food Craft Traditional Accounting and Tax Services

These services are based on the traditional services that small breweries and artisanal food crafters find familiar when working with a CPA in order to provide comfort when complying with tax and accounting rules. Sales tax, income tax, 1099s, and prepared financial statements all presented in a secure cloud environment. Not only that, but we want to make this a comfortable experience. By scheduling all annual compliance work with you with a Q&A session upon presentation, you can finally find less stress when it comes to all things tax and financial statements.

Brewery and Food Craft Financial Projections and Tax Planning

This line of service solves the pain point that most small breweries, food crafters, wineries, distilleries, and other beverage crafters neglect and that is identifying how much cash they will have at any given point within the next 6 months. Additionally, this are solves the problem of how much tax will be owed at the end of the year. No matter how you slice it, this area helps a business owner make decisions now based on perceived future outcomes of the current business model. On top of this, the business owner can use these tools to make decisions about large purchases and the capital required for such investments. Being able to project what your cash will be 6 months from now after you borrowed $2,000,000 for that new expansion will come in handy when you trying to create new sales lines and employment spots to cover this growth.